Triple T Basketball Skills & Entertainment conduct clinics at varius sites through out the year. During our camps, clinics or workshops, we cover the fundamentals of stationary dribbling, which forms the base for proper dribbling. We then transition to open court dribbling where players get to use what they have learned from stationary dribbling. Players also get tips and drills to work on later to become better basketball handlers.

During our clinics, camps or workshops, Coach Odhiambo works on the following dribbling fundamentals
  1. Stationary Dribbling
  2. Positions for Dribbling the Basketball
  3. Mechanics for Dribbling
  4. Directions of the Basketball Movements
  5. The Base for Crossover Dribbling
  6. Crossover Dribbling (4 techniques)
  7. Open Court Dribbling (10 techniques)
  8. Dribbling Practice

Over the last 20 years of coaching basketball, I have come to realize that players learn to dribble by watching others. Very few players get the advantage of learning the proper fundamentals of dribbling from a qualified instructor.

Furthermore, players assume that they know how to dribble by virtual of having played the game for several years. When you think about dribbling closely, you will realize that there is more to it than simply patting the basketball up and down the floor with an open hand. The secret of becoming a good dribbling is to understand the proper fundamentals, and know how they fit in the Art of Dribbling

Coach Odhiambo not only knows dribbling, he understands dribbling. He will show and explain how the two step-series (you thought that Counter Western was not important), directions of basketball movement, positions for dribbling the basketballs, etc., applies to dribbling. If you are serious about dribbling, clinic on Basketball Dribbling Techniques to lean how you can improves your handles in only a few days. Remember, good dribblers are not born, they are made from many hours of proper practices.

For more information, you may fill How to Reach Us, and check the appropriate box. Coach Odhiambo will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to your questions or comments. You may also call Coach Odhiambo at (480) 843-7840.

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