How to Determine Your Practice Sets and Repetitions- Wekk of July 19th

For drills that require made baskets like layups, shooting, etc, look for five drills as part of your set. For each drill, look to make 10 baskets as part of your repetitions. Lets take jump shooting for example: Category 1: Sets of Drills For each set (drills 1-5), look to make 10 baskets. Remember, you goal is to execute the skill successfully 2300 times while simulating real-game situations. If you come out and take your time shooting the basketballs, talking to your girl-friend, etc., that does not count. You do that with a hobby like fishing. To achieve perfection and build the confidence need to use the skill in pressure situations, you must come out strong.

Category 2: Footwork and Body Balance Drills

If the drill is a time-lined drill like maybe jump rope, step jumps for developing good body balance and coordination, you figure out four or five drills to make up your set. For each drill, go with a 30 to 40 counts, which makes up a minute.

Category 3: Defensive Workout

For defensive workouts, each set should compose of sliding around the court two times with your hands behind your back, and out in a guarding position.

Remember, skills in categories 2 and 3 are complementary, and need not be done 2300 times to achieve perfection. You can do them once to complement your more skillful skills in category 1.

What It Takes To Succeed Through Practice -- The 2+ n Rule - Week of July 12th

After studying the psychology of how to succeed through practice, I have good and bad news for you, athletes out there. Right from the word go, your practice last night, last week, last month or even last year does not count toward your success in any games you play this year. So, if you are planning on practicing seriously later this summer to get ready for the upcoming season, it is too late unless you understand what it takes to succeed through practice. The good news is, if the skills that you are planning on practicing have already been perfected see Success Secret through Practice then you may be able to get away with a month or two of serious practice.

My research on success through practice reviewed that it will take at least two years The 2 + n Rule for an athlete to learn, master, perfect, and develop the confidence to use new or improved skills in pressure situations. If the skills you are practicing have not been perfected, you are simply treating your athletic career as a hobby. Under pressure situations, you will resolve back to using your old ineffective skills.

I have talked and interviewed tons of successful coaches and athletes, and I am yet to find one that really understand what it takes to succeed through practice. I have heard answers like hard work, practicing the right techniques, dedication, etc., however, none has pinpointed what it takes to succeed through practice. I have done the work for you; all you have to do is read my results in Success Secret through Practice.
It is this simple, if you don't understand your skills and find what works best for you–your perfect-fit, you will continue to experience the same frustrating results regardless of what you do. Hard work is great, but one must know where and how to channel the hard work to succeed. To learn more about what you need to do to succeed through practice, check out Success Secret through Practice.
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