Low Post Play: Scoring Options and Moves

Majority of players learn low or post offense by working from the outside-in approach. However, in a real-game, they start from a post-up position, which is inside. Thus, they struggle because their approach of working from outside-in is not applicable here. The right way to approach low post offense is to work from inside-out. The inside-out approach starts with the player learning the scoring options. Scoring option is defined as a way of scoring a basket depending on how a defensive player guards you? Traditionally, most post players are familiar with the following scoring options:
  1. Dunk shot
  2. Lay-up shot
  3. Turn-around Jump Shot
  4. Fade-away Jump Shot
  5. The Jump Hook Shot
  6. The Straight Jump Shot (from 10 to 15 feet off the basket)
Apart from the Lay-up, these options are more like perimeter scoring options that requires a lot of basketball handling skills that most post players don't posses. Furthermore, it is difficult to execute these options with your back to the basketball. History has shown that these options limit a post player's effectiveness by inhibiting his or her greatest asset; height to dominate the defensive player. Anytime you use a scoring option that can be defended, you sacrifice the shot's accuracy by making unnecessary adjustments to elude the defensive player.

12 Low Post Scoring Options

These are scoring techniques will allow you to take advantage of what the defensive player gives you rather than try to get by him or her using your natural or physical abilities. Since these options are deliberate and methodical, they allow you to shoot a higher percentage because you execute them under your own pace. There are 12 scoring options (master three) to be an effective post player. The scoring options are as follow:
  1. Jump Shot Series
  2. Jump Hook Shot Series
  3. Conventional One-step Hook Shot Series

Don't mistake these scoring options with low post moves. These are ways to score a basket, and they can be used with just about any low post moves discussed below.

Low Post Power Moves

There are 10 moves that a post player can use to dominate the paint. Look at low post moves as nothing more than vehicles that will propel you to an idea position where you can execute one of the 12 scoring options depending on what the defensive player give you. The 10 post moves are as follows:
  1. Jump Shot Fake Move
  2. Pass Fake Move
  3. Shoulder-look Fake Move
  4. Hook Shot Fake Move
  5. Side-split Move
  6. Side Reverse Dribble Move
  7. Triple-hop Move
  8. Jab-step Fake Move
  9. Spin Move
  10. Combination Moves
In order to succeed with the low post moves, you must understand your skills, and choose a move that you can physically execute with the related scoring options. Otherwise, you will struggle because each move requires certain skills that you must possess (develop) to excel.

Interesting Statistic to Consider

You don't have to learn all the scoring options or moves to be a superstar in your level of competition. Work through the scoring options, and find at least three that feels good. Then tie those three scoring options with one or two moves, and you are good to go. Remember, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? He is the career scoring leader in the NBA and a Hall of Famer. When I was research post offense and the "skyhook," I noticed that Kareem used two moves only; the Shoulder-look Fake, and Side-Reverse Dribble Move, which he tied with one scoring series to dominate the league. The option was the conventional one-step hook shot (skyhook). He mastered these scoring options to the point where he could execute them at will. So there you have it; you can become a Hall of Famer by mastering two of the above post moves, and tie them to your favorite scoring series. If you learn more than three moves with the related scoring options, I guarantee you will assume the title of the greatest low post player to ever play the game. It looks like it is really difficult to be a good post player because of the wrong approach that coaches have taken all these years. Postoffense approach is very simple; learn the scoring options, then tie them with a move or two, and you are gold.

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