Cost for Joe "the trick-star" School Assemblies
Cost for Joe "the trick-star" School Assembly
The cost for the assembly is $475 per presentation; however, there are discounts for ordering multiple assemblies and referrals. Call (480) 204-9851 for details on how you can receive up to 40% off per presentation.


The ideal capacity for the assembly is about 300 students with limited setting. However, if you have a facility that can accommodate more students comfortably, that will be ok because we want to make sure all students are in a position to enjoy the program fully. If you have a small auditorium or MPR, you can order multiple assemblies (30% second assembly). Call for details.

Seating Arrangements:

If you have bleachers, students can sit on them, and the overflow can sit on the both sides to form a U-shape with Joe Odhiambo in the middle.

Auditorium setting will work just as well with the program.

Floor Seating:
We like the students to seat in a U-Shape (open-box) formation with the younger students in front and the older in the back. This allows all students to be closer where the speaker can interact with them equally.

joe odhiambo

We need a table (8-footer or two small ones for the props), a chair, 3 hula hoops if available. Don't worry if you don't have hula hoops, I normally bring mine too. We also need a base to plug in our wireless transmitters (hand held mic setting will work well with our wireless transmitter). Let us know if you donít have a sound system so that we can improvise.

Student Helpers:
We normally pick students to help with the assembly. I pick 6 girls and four boys as helpers. You are welcome to pick these students in advance if you prefer to use it as an incentive for the students.

The assemblies run about 45 minutes (one class period). The program can be customized to fit any time lot up to an hour.

If you have any questions, call Joe O at (480) 208-9851 for more information.

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